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85-265 VAC/VDC ; 2x Relay output ; Panel meter for process signals. 4 digits. Front size 96x48mm. Wide range of output and control options and accesories.

85-265 VAC/VDC ; 2x Relay output ; Digital panel meter for process signals, for all type of industrial applications. Versatile and reliable, offers a wide range of references with a variety of output and control options and accesories. Its modular architecture provides flexibility to replace, add or change any of its internal modules to expand functionality as needed. Accepts 4/20mA, 0/10Vdc, ±20mA and ±10Vdc signals, with 4 digit reading, scalable to any value between 9999 and -9999, and configurable decimal point. Provides excitation voltage from +5Vdc to +20Vdc to power up transducers. Includes functions for segment linearization, fast acces to alarm setpoints, measure function and configurable alarm delays, among other functions.


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