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4300 In-line Nozzle

na objednávku

In-line Compressed Air Ionising Nozzle

Model 4300 is an in-line compressed air ionising nozzle, for use where the ionisation of an existing air supply, in an ordinary compressed airline, is required.

This system can be used where compressed air is deployed to remove electrostatic contaminants or air separation systems fitted to sheet feeding decks.

  • The Model 4300 is designed for use at or close to the discharge end of an air line. It is not a high pressure product and is not designed to be closed within a high pressure system. It should be on the discharge side of the control valve.
  • Easy to install with barbed fittings for 12mm airpipe supplied. Alternatively the female 1/4 BSP threads can be used for the customers airfittings. The airfittings must be plastic and as large as practical ionised air does not live long in small pipes.
  • It must be positioned as close as possible to the end of the pipe work to minimise recombination of ions.


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