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4110 Ionised Airgun

na objednávku

The 4110 is a heavy duty ionised airgun for neutralising static electricity and removing dust and other contaminants.

The 4110 is used to clean mouldings, plastic sheets, automobiles, etc. wherever dust and static are a problem.

  • The 4110 operates by producing a large amount of ionised air, which the compressed air from the nozzle transports at high speed to the object.
  • The open construction of the ionisation head and the airflow amplifier nozzle give the 4110 market-leading operational efficiency: maximum ionisation and maximum airflow.
  • The robust and modular design is designed for easy repair and maintenance.
  • The air consumption is minimised by the air nozzle which amplifies the compressed air by 20:1. The 4110 is very economical to use.
  • Ergonomic full-hand trigger is suitable for all day use, unlike designs using one or two fingers.


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