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IONFIX 30 kV Electrostatic Generator

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IONFIX Static Generation - IML, Pinning, Bagmaking and more

The IONFIX range of static generators from Fraser Anti-Static Techniques has been designed for creating temporary adhesion in industry.
The use of Static Generation for temporary adhesion is increasingly popular within the plastic, packaging, paper and process industries because it is fast, clean, controllable and economic.
Fraser generators and electrodes provide the user with a complete temporary adhesion system that is easy to use, highly reliable and safe. Flexible interface design facilitates full integration with modern machinery and control systems.
    • The IONFIX compact is a 30 kV, 20 W generator.
    • Delivers a full 20 W of power from 20 kV up to 30 kV.
    • 2 Models - either 24V DC 90 -250 V 50/60 Hz AC.
    • Available in positive or negative polarities.
    • Four HV output connections.

Control Interface

    • The control interface gives the operator complete control of the functions of the IONFIX Compact.
    • On / Off switching of the high voltage.
    • High voltage setting and adjustment.
    • Remote sensing of actual output voltage and current for easy display.
    • Constant current mode with fully adjustable current limitation.

Remote Monitor

    • A remote monitoring system checks the High Voltage output status of the Generator.


    • Short-circuit and arc protected output.
    • Rugged mechanical enclosure for wall or bench mounting.


    • Multiple levels of protection for market-leading safety in operation.


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