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1100 Series Static Eliminators

na objednávku
  • Operating distance from 20mm to 100mm
  • All electronic components encapsulated in epoxy resin
  • Suitable for wash down applications
  • Hi-Flex 30 kV screened cable with 70 mm bend radius


High Performance Ionisers for Modern Manufacturing

The 1100 Series Static Eliminators are brand new high performance ionisers for modern manufacturing. A resistive coupling between the high voltage source and the emitters gives them powerful ionisation with completely shockproof operation.

Available in two versions: the 1100 with fixed M4 mounting studs and the 1100-S with mounting studs which slide in a slot to the required position. Their compact size makes them particularly suited to web and sheet applications where space is limited.

  • Operating distance from 20mm to 100mm.
  • Suitable for most industrial processes, including pharmaceutical and food manufacturing.
  • Simple to install, with fixed or variable mounting studs.
  • All electronic components encapsulated in epoxy resin for protection and maximum durability, giving the Bar an IP66 rating, and suitable for wash down applications.


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