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7130 / 7150 / 7160 Charging Electrodes

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The 7130/7150/7160 Charging Electrodes are static generation Bars which provide a safe, controllable, reliable and cost-effective method of applying static charge for temporary adhesion in industry.

Robust charging electrodes to meet the temporary adhesion requirements of high performance machinery.

  • Tungsten emitters for a long, trouble-free life. Up to 4 x the life of non-tungsten emitters.
  • The emitters are spaced at 10mm pitch for an even application of static charge, without the striping effect common with wider spaced emitters.
  • The emitters are resistively coupled to the HV for safe, non-sparking performance. Each emitter has an individual HV resistance to the high voltage.
  • Compact size with rigid construction. Available in lengths up to 4000mm.
  • Easy installation plastic mountings which slide in the T slot at the base of the Bar are supplied.
  • Flexible cable in protective nylon conduit.
  • Standard and optional models available - please see datasheet.


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