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  • Precisely Control Temperature and Humidity
  • High Air Volume for Circulation
  • Designed for 7×24 Running High Availability
  • Powerful Monitoring Access



High EER: Dictated matching of refrigeration system to ensure high energy efficiency ratio. High Sensible Heat Ratio: Designed with large air volume and small enthalpy difference to ensure the high sensible heat ratio. Green Refrigerant: R410a.


  • Makelsan Precision air conditioners are designed to operate for 365day x 24hours non-stop in high efficiency and reliable status.
  • The unit is designed to work under extreme weather condition, temperature down to -40°C when configured with the Low Temperature Kit.
  • Step less speed regulating outdoor fan system. Unit adaptable to all different outdoor condition.
  • Thermal expansion valve ensures, which ensures system be quick response to the changing working condition.


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