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IML Accessories

Generators – IML Accessories

The IONFIX Compact is an ideal static generator for many IML applications.

Fraser IML Accessories have been developed to complement the IONFIX Compact and to give the IML processor the versatility to meet the demands of each job.

7700 Connector Box

7700 Connector Box

Designed for mounting at the foot of the robot or on the machine body, the 7700 connects into the IONFIX Compact and provides detachable connection for up to six IML Electrodes.

  • 2 m of cable to Generator, more can be specified at time of order.
  • Rated at 20 kV.
  • For built-in resistance: Model 7700-R.

7700 Electrodes

IML Accessories DS Iss.1 Page 2 Image 0001771-R Single Point Electrode

  • PTFE body, tungsten emitter and built-in resistance.
  • 1 m of silicone cable, unless longer specified.
  • If no built-in resistance required: Model 77l.

IML Accessories DS Iss.1 Page 2 Image 0002

772 Single Pin Electrode

  • Tungsten pin mounted onto silicone cable for connection to 7700-R.
  • 1 m of silicone cable, unless longer specified.

IML Accessories DS Iss.1 Page 2 Image 0003773 IML Ring Terminal

  • Cable and connector terminating in M5 ring crimp terminal for connection to foam plate or pin electrodes.
  • 1 m of silicone cable supplied unless otherwise specified.

7701 Splitter Box

IML Accessories DS Iss.1 Page 2 Image 0004Compact splitter box for mounting at end of robot arm, with connectors for 7700 box as standard.

  • Rated at 20 kV.
  • 1 to 4 hardwired outlets can be specified: 770l /2 /3 /4.
  • Each outlet resistively coupled.
  • l m of silicone cable on each outlet, unless otherwise specified.
  • Can terminate in 77l / 772 or 773 electrodes - see page l.
  • 1 m of cable to 7700, unless longer length specified.
  • If direct connection to IONFIX Generator required please specify 7302l connector.

IML Accessories DS Iss.1 Page 3 Image 000281319 Silicone Cable

  • Very flexible cable rated at 30 kV.
  • Diameter 5 mm.

IML Accessories DS Iss.1 Page 3 Image 000381036 Plated Emitter Pins

Tungsten emitter pins can be supplied separately for building into customer’s tool.

  • 9 mm x l.5 mm diameter.
  • Also available in clusters, mounted onto brass plate.

7400 Static Dissipative Foam

IML Accessories DS Iss.1 Page 3 Image 0004Used for delivering the label to the tool cavity.

  • 10mm thick Crushable IML Contact Pad is used as a facing plate for the label pick tool.
  • Cushioning protective quality with a 100% crush proof memory return.
  • Can be cut to size to suit the label.
  • Fits to the HV charge plate (with 15 mm overhang).
  • Holes can be machined into the foam to allow vacuum pick up cups to penetrate and contact the label.
  • Easy wipe clean surface.
  • Extreme heat resistance.
  • Resistance from 1x 109Ω to 1x 1010Ω.
  • 0.9 m wide x 1 m - longer lengths can be specified.

7097 Static Wand

IML Accessories DS Iss.1 Page 3 Image 0001For manual adhesion of label in conjunction with IONFIX Compact Generators. The operator puts the label in the mould, holds the wand about 50 mm from the label and momentarily presses the power button. The label adheres to the mould.

  • Supplied with 3 m of cable (longer lengths can be specified).
  • Low voltage switch control connection for the IONFIX Compact Generator.
  • It can be used at up to 30 kV.
  • It is ideal for manual insertion of IML labels.
  • The Tungsten emitter is replaceable if damaged.


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