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7333 Static Generator

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Static Generation - Clean, Safe, Temporary Bonding

The 7333 Static Generators offer the latest technology in providing safe, controllable power up to 30kV, 1mA for temporary adhesion applications. Designed for full integration with a machine or production process and available in AC or DC Models. Performance

  • The 7333 uses solid state electronics and switching technology for stability and reliability.
  • 0-30kV / 1mA available for continuous output.
  • 2 Models - either 24V DC (7333DC) or 90V - 264V AC operation (7333AC).
  • Fast rise and decay times.
  • Two HV output connections, more connections available with external connector box.
  • Available in positive or negative polarities to be specified at time of order.

Control Interface

  • The control interface gives the operator complete control of the functions of the 7333.
  • On / Off switching of the high voltage.
  • High voltage setting and adjustment.
  • Setting and adjustment of current limits.
  • Remote sensing of actual output voltage and current for easy display.
  • For complete ease of installation the 7333 provides a 10V DC supply for all of the above functions the customer does not need to supply additional power.
  • There is automatic selection of constant current or constant voltage mode.

Remote Monitor

  • A remote monitoring system checks the High Voltage output status of the Generator. Voltage free relay contacts are provided to switch an alarm or feedback to a PLC.


  • Short-circuit and arc protected output.
  • Rugged mechanical enclosure for wall or bench mounting.


  • Multiple levels of protection for market-leading safety in operation.


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